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Callaghan Live at Your House in 2018?

In May 2013 Callaghan undertook her first coast-to-coast house show challenge playing in fans’ living rooms and gardens from Boston to San Francisco. The tour was called Callaghan Across America, and was featured in Billboard Magazine.

In Spring 2014 she repeated the feat with the Callaghan Corner-to-Corner Tour, playing house shows from Key West to Seattle! May 2015 saw her travel 13,000 miles and 20 states for Callaghan All Four Corners. In 2016 and 2017 the shows stretched across 17 states, 4 countries and two continents for the Callaghan Across America & Beyond! Now we're booking the 2018 tour.

This is an opportunity for you and your friends to hear Callaghan sing live in your living room! More and more people are opening up their homes to live music and inviting their friends to hear artists they love.

For listeners, house shows offer a relaxed and intimate way to hear live music. For independent artists like Callaghan they offer a fantastic way to reach new fans, make new friends and stay on the road making music.

To read Billboard Magazine's feature article on the last tour, please click here. 

For more information about hosting a house show please see the information and links below. 

To let us know that you might like to host a show please click here to contact us by email


How House Concerts Work...

A house show is a private concert by Callaghan, in the comfort of your own home, for you and your invited friends.

You can really connect with the artist, see a performance up close, and maybe even request a song. As the host you get to create the atmosphere you want and can invite as many guests as your living room, basement or garden can hold!

Callaghan loves performing house concerts...

"I really enjoy getting a chance to perform in the intimate setting of fans' homes. House shows are always really laid back and relaxed and getting to chat with the audience during the evening makes it feel like performing to a room of friends."

Callaghan brings all the gear she needs to give you a wonderful sounding show. If you like the sound of hosting a house concert but have never done it before, here are a few of the basics:

Callaghan's house shows are usually…
  • held on Wednesdays to Sundays
  • paid for by a donation per guest (for the performer)
  • known to include light snacks, beverages or a buffet dinner
  • attended by the host’s friends, neighbors, co-workers, and maybe a few fans of the artist
  • very intimate - the audiences sit close and are attentive
  • performed in 2 sets of 40-minutes with a 20 minute break
Please note: House concerts are set up differently to private parties/events. Private events can be arranged for a negotiated fee. 

To book Callaghan for a house concert or private event, please send an email to

For a short video about how to put on a house show please check out this video which was kindly put together by

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